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Tips For Choosing A Water Cooler

There are many reasons for purchasing a water cooler Brisbane, whether you want one for home or office use. They can provide clean, filtered water on demand to many people without the waste of plastic bottles. They can also save on metered water by provided instant hot or cold water, saving the water most people run from the tap while waiting for the water to get to the right temperature. If you are looking for water coolers Brisbane, you'll want to consider the following questions.

Do you want a water cooler or a water dispenser? A water cooler is powered by electricity and uses refrigeration to chill the water. A water dispenser does not necessarily cool the water it dispenses, so it does not require electricity. Many people prefer to drink chilled water, however, so if you're purchasing for a group of people, a water cooler is probably the best choice.

Do you want a water cooler that provides hot water as well? The water is typically heated using an electric heating element and stored in a small tank before it is dispensed. Hot water on demand is a great time-saving feature if you want to offer tea, hot chocolate, or instant coffee.

Do you want to use bulk water delivery or plumbed-in water? If you use water delivery, the company can guarantee the quality of its water supply. Some companies offer the large water bottles that you place upside down on top of the cooler, but some companies now are offer a bottle-less delivery system. Alternatively, you can attach your water cooler to the plumbing system in your house or office. This type of cooler eliminates the cost of water delivery while still offering a filtration system to give you a purer quality of water.

Do you want a stand-alone cooler, a desktop cooler, or a wall-mounted drinking fountain? If you're using bulk water delivery, the stand-alone model can hold more, while desktop models are constrained to a limited space. A drinking fountain is a plumbed-in cooler that uses the building's water supply and electricity, and also gets rid of water through the building's waste water disposal system.